Make The Most Of The Weather!

hawaiian costumesEveryone loves a good BBQ and with this amazing weather we have been having why not make the most of it with a fancy dress themed BBQ or party. You don’t always have to have a birthday or other occasion to have a party, why not just celebrate the fact that the sun is shining?!

hawaiianOne of the best party themes for this time of year is Hawaiian. With a huge range of flower leis, flower and shell bras and Hawaiian shirts and costumes to choose from you are guaranteed to find something. The hawaiian manfab thing about this theme is you don’t have to wear a full costume and end up too hot from the layers you have on. By wearing your own vest or t-shirt and shorts you can easily still pull off this look with a few of the accessories and stay cool at the same time.

As well as the fancy dress side why not pick up some party accessories too like our brilliant Hawaiian themed inflatables! Or why not buy one of our palm tree water coolers, it will fit in great with the theme and is amazingly handy to keep your drinks palm treecool instead of having to keep them all in the fridge. That way you never have to leave the glorious sunshine.

Hawaiian fancy dress is the perfect option for all people, men and women, old and young and not matter your shape or size you will definitely find the right items for you so everyone can join in the fun! coconut cup

To really add the finishing touches to your party why not pick up some of our coconut cups and Hawaiian straws? The choices are endless to bring even more fun to your Hawaiian themed party or BBQ.